Exterior of three storey terraced flat

This project involved the redevelopment of a site in the West Hill conservation area of Brighton, which contained a small semi detached building comprising two garages on the ground floor and a small two bed flat on the first floor.

The initial brief was to provide a new family dwelling. Retaining and extending the existing building was explored, however this was not considered practical and a new build option was pursued. When exploring the design for a new building, consideration had to be given to how the building related to the immediately adjacent buildings and the wider streetscape, as well as how the massing would relate to the steeply sloping site at the rear.

The resultant design provides a three storey dwelling that fills the width of the site. To reduce the massing in the streetscape, the upper level was stepped back and a different material utilised. To transition between the differing architectural styles of the two adjacent properties, a section of the street elevation was recessed. At the rear, the building was cut into the sloping ground and was articulated to protect the amenity of the adjacent properties.

The original planning application was refused but Evolution’s appeal was granted. The design was then changed from a single dwelling to three apartments, one on each level, keeping the same external massing and appearance of the original design. The subsequent planning application was approved.

Evolution were appointed to undertake construction drawings. Careful consideration had to be given to the excavations and stability of the adjacent structures and the waterproofing details. Evolution invited tenders and acted as Contract Administrator during the construction works.

Exterior of dilapidated garage site for new flat

The original site.