Evolution have undertaken several projects for Housing Associations ranging from remodelling individual dwellings to designing new build blocks of apartments. These include:

A new build block in Rickmansworth for 45 apartments where Evolution were commissioned by a Housing Association to provide designs for the redevelopment of a triangular site located on the south side of Rickmansworth that contained poor quality under sized studio flats. The site has a prominent street frontage and a corner onto a roundabout. In order to increase the size and number of dwellings the new building had to be increased in height. There are existing three storey developments to the north of the site so the building is stepped up in height from here, rising to five storeys on the south corner. The majority of flats have balconies, providing external amenity space and articulation to the elevations. The highest section of building providing a prominent feature on the south corner of the site. The stepping of the building also allows for roof gardens to be provided, ensuing external amenity space complies with the requirements of the Planning Authority. The development provides 45 apartments with a total gross internal floor area of 4258m/sq.

Redevelopment of garage blocks, where Evolution were commissioned to provide designs for several sites containing blocks of garages. The brief was to provide as many 2/3 bedroom family dwellings on each site as possible. All sites comprised backland or infill developments, presenting access, overlooking, loss of light and drainage design challenges. The Client has now commenced the development of some of these sites.

Left to right: garage backland site, garage infill site, social housing square