Evolution’s two Directors have over 60 years combined experience in working in the education sector and therefore have knowledge of all the main design guides and regulatory framework in respect of education design.

We undertake projects of all types, ranging from minor modifications valued at a few thousand pounds, to multi million pound new build schools. We have experience of primary, secondary, sixth form and specialist SEN schools on tight inner city schools, rural sites and listed buildings, all of which present different challenges. Small projects have included refurbishing or extending teaching spaces and specialist spaces, such as toilets or kitchens or acoustic improvements to a listed school hall, as well as providing ramps or hoists. Major projects have included major refurbishments and large new extensions. The Directors have previously designed new schools.

We recognise the important role schools have within local communities. We understand what impact the school environment has on both the learning environment for pupils and working environment for staff, as well as the impact constructing on a school site can have in respect of both operational and health and safety issues. We give these matters appropriate consideration from the outset in any project.

We also recognise that budgets, both in respect of capital costs and maintenance and energy revenue costs, must be maintained, as school budgets are fixed. Similarly programs must be met, as an over-running program can greatly affect school operations.
We realise whatever the size of project, it can impact on an individual or collective positive experience of the building users. Our approach to school design is therefore led by the educational and pastoral requirements, specific to the particular school, community, and all stakeholders.